Why Your Organization Should Carry Separate Volunteer Insurance

Volunteers are an integral part of the work that occurs in many nonprofit settings. Depending on locale and industry, volunteers may be called upon to do widely diverse tasks, with varying degrees of training. Insurance for volunteer workers is essential for fully covering any incidents that may occur in a volunteer-heavy workplace.

How Does Volunteer Insurance Differ From Nonprofit Insurance?

Insurance for volunteer workers will cover volunteer-centric activities that are distinct from other work that occurs at the nonprofit. Because volunteers do not work for the nonprofit and may work at a wide variety of tasks, you may be vulnerable to a claim that occurs in a setting in a volunteer-staffed setting.

Why Is Insurance Necessary?

Because many nonprofits operate with limited budgets, or are specifically community-oriented, it is common for varying tasks to be “outsourced” to volunteer workers. Diverse work may involve transport with vehicles, use of food and cooking equipment, use of packaging machinery, and more. Volunteers may have minimal training, making the risk of injury or other damages higher.

Accidents do sometimes occur, and carrying insurance for volunteer workers will help ensure that your organization is covered in the event of a claim. A reputable volunteer insurer will also help you find ways to better train volunteers and reduce risk overall. Ultimately, insurance promotes financial security and peace of mind in a nonprofit or similar environment.