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Why It Is Difficult for Bars to Settle Claims Related to Liquor Sales

When a claim is filed against a nightlife establishment, it can be difficult to discern whether it falls underneath a general or liquor liability type of insurance coverage. ATM insurance is here to offer greater insight into the types of claims made in this industry and why they become problematic to close.

What Types of Insurance Coverages Benefit Bars The Most?

Most bars, taverns or nightclubs are better protected when they tie general and liquor liability insurance together into one package. This due to the fact that two separate claims may be needed to close a case that involves the sale of alcohol and damages. If the claim can’t be covered by general or liquor liability, it may fall under the following types of coverages.

  • Property insurance (extensive property damage caused by electrical fires)
  • Assault and battery (for self-trained security or staff that cause an injury to unruly patrons)

General vs. Liquor Liability: How Claims Should Be Filed

Many claims may go unresolved or become split to fall under both categories. In these cases, an over-served patron which falls under the full responsibility of the establishment may cause injury or damage property. As a result, general liability would cover the damages/injury and liquor liability would cover alcohol-serving responsibility allegations.

If you require bar insurance, need help resolving a claim or are an insurance agency looking to specialize in this type of coverage, contact ATM insurance today.