What Type of Insurance To Get For A Vacation Home

Whether you visit your vacation property once a year or live there during the off-season, having the right vacation home insurance policy makes a difference in your home’s well-being. Not only does a good insurance company protect your home from various risks, but it can also put your mind at ease. Consider the following types of insurance as you look to safeguard your prized getaway property. 

Extended Homeowners Insurance

If your vacation home is not your primary residence, talk to your insurance provider about the option to extend your homeowners policy to your part-time dwelling. Pairing your primary home insurance policy with your vacation property can offer many of the same benefits you already utilize in your existing contract. Talk to your insurance agent about this type of joint coverage. 

Second Home Policy

You may wish to create a standalone policy for your vacation house. Your second residence, being in a different location, may require additional protection than your primary place of occupancy. In addition, consider separate policies for the following situations:

  • Flood insurance in areas with high water risks
  • Liability coverage if your vacation home frequents guests or renters
  • Personal property protection for high-priced items like home decor or artwork

Protect Your Home Away From Home

As you shop around for vacation home insurance, be sure to find adequate coverage for your needs. Even if your vacation home is only a temporary dwelling, it is a valuable asset worth protecting year-round.