Commercial property liability insurance in Orlando

What to Know About Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property liability insurance in Orlando comes in handy when disaster strikes. Most businesses can ill-afford to replace the contents of a building or the building itself due to damage caused by a windstorm or fire. Evaluate your risk and consider a policy to cover your investments.

Risk of Not Having It

Like most insurance policies, sometimes it might feel that you’ve paid premium after premium without needing to file a claim. But before you cancel your policy, consider the costs of not having the insurance to your business including:

  • Cost of replacing the contents of the building
  • Value of the commercial property in case of replacement
  • Impact on income used to make repairs by yourself

Specifics to Know

Policies range in price and coverage options. A qualified agent can help navigate the policies available, the business’ budget and the value of the property and its covered contents. The type of disasters covered can impact both the cost of the policy and the coverage options available. Not all policies cover every disaster. Reading the fine print with a professional is vital to understanding the full policy. Invest in a commercial property liability insurance in Orlando to protect your investment in your business’ building and its supplies, fixtures, equipment and furnishings.