dump truck insurance

What to Drive? That is the Question

If you have your CDL license, you might be considering which companies will be the best employer. If you own your own truck, you have many more options, as you can contract out to companies or run your own ‘truck for hire’ business. One of the easier trucking options is driving a dump truck.
Before you start your own company or look for contract work, be sure your dump truck insurance will cover any of your proposed operations. You may also need a business license to work in a certain area. However, if all of these elements are taken care of, you will find there are several benefits to operating a dump truck

The Financial Benefit

Dump truck drivers are paid quite well for their services. On average, a driver can make anywhere from $15 to $30 an hour. The type of load and distance, as well as experience factor into the pay scale. If you choose to become a freelance trucking operator, factor the expense of your dump truck insurance, maintenance, fuel, and licensing into your estimates.

The Timing Benefit

Dump truck drivers don’t usually spend days at a time on the road. Driving routes are often local, and many drivers enjoy normal business hours.
Driving a dump truck might be the best way to utilize your CDL license. You will be able to stay close to home while bringing in good wages.