What Kind of Insurance Does a Tow Truck Driver Need?

Operating a tow truck has its own special set of insurance rules. Tow truck companies must be able to drive their own trucks on the road legally, but are also responsible for handling other people’s property. According to, these are the tow truck insurance requirements your company must meet.

Auto Liability Insurance

This type of insurance is the most common for two truck companies because it provides broad coverage that handles a variety of basic situations.
On-Hook Towing Insurance
Sometimes, accidents happen while you’re towing somebody else’s car. An on-hook towing policy protects your company by paying for any damages that a client’s vehicle receives while you’re towing it.

Garage keeper’s Insurance

In many cases, towing a vehicle will also require you to store it for the client for a period of time. A gatekeeper’s policy helps to pay for any damages a vehicle receives while it’s under your care in your garage or storage facility.

Medical Payments

Finally, a medical payments policy will cover medical bills for anyone who is injured due to an accident you or your drivers cause while they’re behind the wheel of one of your tow trucks.
A wide variety of tow truck insurance policies are available. To determine which ones best meet your needs, consider your company, how much business it does, and what your insurance agent recommends.