What Is Special Risk Insurance?

What Is Special Risk Insurance?

If you have clients in special risk industries, then you’re going to need special risk insurance. For agents serving clients in a variety of sectors, special risk insurance options from brokers like IMS insurance are the best option. Here’s what you need to know about special risk.

Special Risk Insurance

Special risk insurance includes unique or non-traditional insurance policies. These coverages cover property damage, sickness and injury. Businesses that might require niche insurance solutions include:

Counseling centers
General and subcontractors
Street contractors
Landscape contractors

To know specific industries can make an insurance company or broker more appealing. Special risk policies may include liquor liability, commercial property, auto liability and many more insurance options.

Special Risk Categories

A few categories break up the insurance industry. These categories include:


The point of special risk insurance is to take those categories and fill in the gaps that other insurance policies won’t cover. For instance, if you own a manufacturing company or a counseling center, you may have risks to your business that other industries won’t have.

When it comes to special risk insurance solutions, some wholesalers can help you provide to your niche market. IMS insurance, for instance, handles niche markets so that you can deliver the policies necessary to your clients.