What Is Local SEO and Why Should Insurance Agencies Care?

Most businesses are always trying maintain competitiveness while reaching as many potential customers or clients as possible. For insurance firms, it is no different. For this reason, many insurers are implementing search engine optimization into online content. In particular, local SEO ranking has become a focus for aquiring nearby clients. 

What Is Local SEO?

When you optimize a business for local searches, it involves strategizing to impove the site’s visibility from a local standpoint. For example, with local SEO, organic trraffic is set up to originate from the same location as wherever the business happens to be. As such, many businesses turn to local SEO for reaching customers who are closest to them. To do this, web designers optimize site content to create location pages and develop more detailed local information.

Why Should Insurance Agencies Care?

Because insurance firms are location-based, local SEO can be especially useful since it can allow insurers to connect with nearby clients who need their services most. By optimizing web content for Google My business and maintaining consistent online contact information, insurance company webmasters can make a major difference in the amount of local traffic that an insurance agency’s website experiences. In the long run, this can increase profits and strengthen relationships.

For insurance agencies that want more nearby exposure, local SEO can be an excellent marketing tool.