Sport Bar Liability Cover

What Does Sport Bar Liability Cover

Watching sports and drinking alcohol are two of America’s favorite pastimes. These activities are a great way to de-stress after work and build relationships with friends; they also help stimulate the economy. However, sometimes both can be the cause of negative interactions among people and even injury. If you own or manage a venue for people to come together to drink and watch sports, you need sport bar liability insurance. Here is what this policy covers.

General Liability

Every business owner needs general liability, whether they serve alcohol or not. It covers potential injuries to members of the general public and damage to their personal property while on the premises.

Liquor Liability

Liquor liability is a specialized policy that covers the actions of customers who suffer or cause injury after becoming intoxicated at your establishment. Even if the claim is false, the policy covers legal fees associated with defending yourself in court.

Assault and Battery

Unfortunately, you also need protection in the event that patrons become violent. Assault and battery insurance covers medical bills and other fees in case something like this occurs.

There are ways your policy can be customized to match the size and location of your business. Be sure to talk to your insurance agent about how this policy can best work for you.