Crime Claims

What Are Crime Claims?

Crime claims insurance is not exactly what it sounds like. Crime claim insurance is business insurance against crimes where a company would suffer a financial loss. It is not normally included in a regular business insurance policy. The crimes might happen inside a company, such as embezzlement, or outside the company, such as fraud. Here are some crime claims examples.

Employee Theft

Employee theft comes in a variety of forms. One of the most significant forms is payroll manipulation. An employee manipulates the payroll by creating fake employees and collects the money for themselves.

Another example of employee theft is when an employee offers a client a discount if he or she is paid in cash. Then the worker only invoices and deposits a fraction of the cash, keeping the rest for themselves.


Fraud usually happens outside of a company and is perpetrated by a third party. One very popular example of fraud involves email. A person duplicates a company email or website and then invoices a client. The client unknowingly pays the invoice, and the perpetrator pockets the money.

Corporate Hacking

Hackers steal millions of dollars every year. They break into a company database and steal everything from bank accounts to credit cards.

In today’s society, crime claims are rapidly increasing. As a business, you stand to suffer a significant monetary loss if you don’t protect yourself.