Pennsylvania Workmans Comp

What Affects Your Workers Compensation Rate?

Every state requires a workers compensation policy. Some companies have recently changed up what states and what types of industries they are willing to insure. There are several things that affect the cost of Pennsylvania Workmans Comp.


The safer your workplace environment the fewer claims are filed. Not all states require a documented safety program, but the return on investment can be significant and save the business money on their workers comp policy.


A workplace free of drugs and alcohol is a safer workplace resulting in fewer accidents and claims. Random testing and pre-employment drug testing is one way to keep your workplace substance free.


Educating your employees on safety and covered injuries can lower the number of claims filed. Small scrapes or cuts easily handled through follow-up observation after office visit or first aid treatment should not be filed claims.


A return-to-work program helps employees get back on the job after an injury or illness resulting in a workers comp claim. The sooner the claim is resolved the less it affects your insurance rates.

Keep your Pennsylvania Workmans Comp rates lower by reducing the number of claims filed through a safe, clean workplace. Your employees and the business both benefit when fewer accidents and illnesses occur.