Mariners Insurance

Use a Marina To Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds

Whether you purchased a boat for weekend activities, or you own a houseboat and live your life out on the water, finding a place to tie up the vessel can be frustrating. Finding a marina to store your boat during the week or when you want to get inland for a couple of hours, a few days, or a week-long vacation get-away can be a huge relief. Here are some of the many marina benefits you can find when you dock.

Sense of Security

Security is a high priority when your valuable possessions are left unattended. Even when you lock your boat to the best of your ability, there can still be a possibility of vandalism or theft. According to Mariners Insurance, an industry expert, security cameras should cover the entire marina and an attendant should always be watching the surveillance videos.

List of Amenities

While secured to a dock in a marina, you can often find electrical hook-ups, clean water, and a boat washing facility. Some ports offer private lockers, dock carts, laundry facilities, and even hot showers. If you choose an upscale marina, you may be entitled to play tennis on available courts, swim in heated pools, and bike the area with loaned bicycles.
The benefits of having insurance coverage while docked at a marina can offer peace of mind while you are out roaming. For those that love the water, having the best of both worlds can be a dream come true.