Top Risks to Patient Safety in a Care Facility

Care facilities are there to ensure patient safety. Unfortunately, a few things inside the facility might jeopardize patients despite a nursing team’s best efforts.

Healthcare-Associated Infections

A healthcare-associated infection is an infection that occurs within a facility. This does not mean that the facility is dirty or a breeding ground for infection. A caregiver can pass it to a patient or a patient can come in contact with a surface, instrument or person who has the infection.

These infections are viral infections such as COVID or bacterial infections such as MRSA. They can result in a worsening of the original illness or death depending on the severity.

Staffing Shortages

It stands to reason that if there is not enough staff, the remaining staff can not adequately care for patients. This results in a lower quality of care and risks patient safety.

Burnout and Other Mental Health Problems

This is often due to staff shortages and long hours and is also known as compassion fatigue. Burnout results in a lower standard of patient care because a burned-out employee stops caring about their patients.

Each of these can pose a serious risk to patient safety despite the care facility’s best intentions and practices. It is important to protect your facility against these dangers.