yacht club liability coverage

The Yacht Club of Your Dreams

The wind in your hair, the sun on your face and the sound of the waves lapping at the hull are some of the great pleasures of enjoying a yacht. Taken to the next level, managing a yacht club might be your dream job. Intruding on this vision are the modern-day realities of life. Beyond the fun are the downsides, which include lawsuits. Yacht club liability coverage is not one of the sexy aspects of running a club, but it is a safety net that helps enjoyment through peace of mind.

An organization of this nature involves a number of people. Board members, volunteers and employees make up some of this team and become partners in the well-being of the club. Insurance protects these partners in the case of accident or mishap. In a sense, this group is like a family that works toward a common goal. It is always hoped that things will go smoothly, but protection in negative circumstances is important for this family.

Yacht club liability coverage is a good business choice. Consult an insurance specialist to make sure that the proper options are selected. This is not just to protect the assets involved, but to care about the people involved. After all, a great club is also a family.