sewer coverage

The Importance of Insurance Coverage for Sewers

The truth is that many homeowners do not choose sewer backup coverage. This is often because the homeowner’s insurance does not cover sewers. It may not seem like a big deal until you encounter a problem with your sewer. Here is why you should consider sewer coverage.

Tree Root Blockage

Tree root blockage is one of the most common factors behind a sewer malfunction. Tree roots can grow straight through the sewer line and cause extensive damage that costs a lot of money to repair. Most do not have money stored away for these types of repairs. Often, when a sewer backs up, not only do you have to repair it, but you have to deal with back up into your home and the damage that floods can cause.

Aged Systems

Sewer systems may be older than you think. With an aging system comes problems that you may not be prepared for. You cannot control the age of your sewer system, but you can control the insurance coverage that protects you. With a sewer, you have unique risks, as explained by experts.

When it comes to your sewers, you should think about sewer insurance. Sewers can back up and you could be liable for major expenses. If you have a sewer, you have to protect yourself.