PWC Rentals

The Basics of Insurance for PWC Rentals

There are few services as fun as offering customers an experience. When your business is involved with renting personal watercraft like jet skis, you’re creating an opportunity for people to get out on the water and engage in some serious excitement. However, you’re also introducing yourself and your clients to a number of serious risks. If you want to protect your business, assets, and customers, you need to consider what steps you’re taking for your insurance coverage.

Why Jet Ski Rental Insurance Matters

Any business involved with renting out PWC requires a type of jet ski rental insurance. Whether your company rents jet skis, sea-doos, wave runners, or another type of personal watercraft, having sensible insurance reduces the odds of an unexpected accident taking you by surprise. This insurance includes hull coverage, providing protection for the watercraft and any damages that might be incurred during a ride. Additionally, a policy will cover the injuries sustained by the rider and anyone else involved in an accident. Other coverage points include:

  • Protection in the event of property damage
  • Watercraft coverage in the event of bodily injury
  • General liability for commonplace accidents

Protect Your Business at All Times

No matter how fun and unique the services you offer your clients might be, you absolutely need to take out appropriate insurance for your business. Review your options, be sure you are covering all possible angles, and stay safe from whatever waits on the horizon.