Scaffolding Accident Prevention

The use of scaffolding is an indispensable tool on many different types of construction projects. It is important for project managers and jobsite supervisors to assure that everyone onsite is following all applicable safety protocols.

Load Materials Safely

Bringing building materials or equipment onto a structure could cause a sudden shift in weight distribution. It is imperative that workers exercise caution to avoid imbalances which could cause a structure to topple.

Don’t Take Shortcuts

When workers are putting up a scaffolding structure, they have to test the stability of each section before moving onto the next. Trying to skip any step in assembly such as the use of weights or fasteners is extremely dangerous. A small problem in any section of a structure may compromise the structural integrity of an entire structure.

Mandate the Use of Personal Protective Equipment

The use of scaffolding on construction site areas merits special attention from supervisors about personnel’s use of PPE. Hardhats and steel toed boots, for example, can significantly diminish workers’ risk of sustaining a serious injury from a scaffolding accident.

Strategic policies and safety initiatives can prevent falls and other accidents when construction crews use scaffolds. Key personnel should monitor staff throughout the course of a project to assure that they are following applicable procedures consistently.