Additional Fuel

Safely Store Additional Fuel on Your Boat

There are many hazards on a boat. Carrying additional fuel on the boat can make sure that you enjoy a long outing without worrying about being stranded on the water. However, where should portable gasoline fuel tanks be stored on a boat?


Where do you want to store your additional tank? There is only so much deck space available, but the deck provides an easy place to store large amounts of fuel. Centerline tankage can take away space but allow for balanced weight and longer run time.


As seen on Mariners Insurance programs, portable tanks average about 6 gallons, while DIY and tankage can vary in size. The larger the size, the more weight added and fuel consumption used. Balancing the size can be a challenge depending on your fuel needs.


The tank can be fixed permanently in place or portable. The larger the size of a portable fuel tank affects the ability of the boat owner to move the tank around. Approved plastic or metal containers are designed to handle fuel.

Now that you know the answer to where should portable gasoline fuel tanks be stored on a boat, you can help lower the risks on your vessel. A little safety can ensure safe travels and more time enjoying the wind blowing through your hair.