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Protecting Your Trucking Business With The Right Insurance

New business owners often have a hard time finding the right insurance coverage for their companies. Whether it’s due to the number of available coverage options or the confusing terminology, many often settle for less coverage than they should. As you prepare to start your new trucking business, it’s best that you work with an agent with trucking and freight insurance experience to ensure that you have adequate coverage. In the meantime, here is a simplified breakdown of some of the coverages you should plan to include in your new policy.

  • General Liability Insurance – offers coverage in case a third party experiences bodily injury or property damage due to your business other than those caused by your truck.
  • Truck Liability Insurance – required coverage for cases where you’re at fault in an accident during a delivery.
  • Physical Damage Truck Insurance – keep your investment protected against specified perils with variable coverage for your truck and trailer equipment.
  • Freight Insurance – also known as cargo insurance, it protects you in case the goods you’re transporting become damaged or lost.

There are plenty of other insurance coverages available including property insurance, crime insurance and workers’ compensation insurance. Working with an experienced agent will help to ensure that your policy includes the coverages that meet your exact needs.