crime insurance coverage

Protecting Your Business With Crime Insurance

Nobody wants to believe that their business is vulnerable to crime. Owners often invest in security systems, computer network safeguards, and even security personnel to protect their investment. Sadly, even with those safeguards, losses due to criminal activity can and do occur. Victims may be surprised to learn that their general property insurance does not cover all crime-related losses, and may not cover them at all. Fortunately, business owners who invest in crime insurance coverage have an extra layer of protection when criminals strike.

Crime insurance provides several options for coverage, and owners may customize their plans according to their business needs. Reimbursement for stolen or damaged goods is typical, as is protection against financial theft and forgery. Insurance coverage may extend to employees who work off-site, should they be robbed while conducting business. As more companies rely on technology, insurance plans may cover computer-based theft as well, including identity theft and illegal transfer of funds. Plans may even cover theft or fraud committed by dishonest employees.

While nobody can guarantee that your business won’t fall victim to criminals, crime insurance coverage provides a safety net. The investment can give peace of mind for owners and employees, allowing them to return to work with minimal disruption to their business routine.