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Protecting Third-Party Harvesters in the Growing Hemp Market

The popularity and versatility of hemp as a source for food, cannabis, CBD and non-edible products has led to rapid growth in hemp agriculture. The growth in the agricultural sector has spurred a concurrent rise in third-party hemp harvesters and the necessity to protect these workers from the risks and hazards inherent in the job.

Insurance Coverage Designed with Hemp Harvesters in Mind

When seeking third-party harvester insurance, it is important to consider coverage that meets some of the unique needs for hemp agriculture. While a general liability might contain many of the necessary protections, it will likely fall short. A more appropriate plan can be found in a Commercial General Liability Policy that contains add-ons geared for hemp harvesters. This type of policy can be tailored as an inclusive umbrella plan that covers multiple aspects of hemp production, manufacture and sales. Source: CannGen Insurance Services.

The market for hemp was already on the rise prior to the legalization of cannabis in 33 states for recreational and/or medical uses, but these new laws have led to an explosion of opportunities within the hemp industries. Third-party harvesters supply a large proportion of the labor in this specialized market. The type of work they do necessitates a liability policy that is designed specifically with this group in mind.