NM business liability coverage

Protect Your Business with General Liability Insurance

No matter what size your business or the industry you work in, general liability insurance should be part of any company’s to-do list. Accidents happen on the job. Mistakes can cost time and money for the business. Protect the assets of the business with NM business liability coverage.

What the Policy Covers

Mistakes and accidents happen at any business. Protect the assets of the company with a policy to cover those obligations without negatively affecting the bottom line. A general liability policy usually covers:

  • Legal defense costs
  • Misleading or false advertising claims
  • Property damage
  • Copyright infringement claims
  • Medical costs
  • Slander and libel claims
  • Bodily injury while on the job
  • Settlements and awards

Why Your Business Needs One

A client can file a claim against your business. Whether true or not, the legal costs alone can cause financial hardship for the business. Every business at some point or another has the potential to be sued for actual or perceived damages.

Your business can purchase NM business liability coverage as a solo policy or bundle it as part of a comprehensive Business Owner’s Policy. A dedicated insurance agent or broker can help you determine the right policies to cover your risks and liabilities. Prepare for the future ahead of time and save your business money.