Personal Protection While Riding

The open road is a haven for those who like to ride around on two wheels. It’s an adventure to ride 70 miles per hour on the freeway speeding past the cars, but it should not be such an adventure that it comes at the cost of your life. Take every precaution to protect yourself. You might have motorcycle services insurance, but hope to never need to use it!

Guard Yourself

To underscore the point found on, motorcycle accidents can happen to anybody, no matter how experienced a rider you are. Be sure that you are wearing appropriate, highly-visible equipment to protect your body and help yourself to be easily seen from the road. Some of these necessities include:
A DOT-approved helmet. It doesn’t matter if helmets are not a legal requirement in your state, wear one anyway. It’s not always you that you need to look out for, it’s everyone else.
Steel-toed boots that will protect your ankles from twisting and/or getting burned and road-rashed in case of a crash.
A sturdy riding jacket with high-vis decals on it. These protect you from wind chafing, but also alert to other drivers that you’re nearby in case it’s dark or a foggy day.
Nothing is more important than your safety while you ride your motorcycle, so take it seriously. Equip yourself with the right riding gear before hitting the road.