Wilmington flooding

Navigating the Waters of Flood Insurance

Every year, flood waters flow into homes and businesses, leaving behind extensive property damage. As insurance agents know, having the right coverage can turn tragic events into success stories. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not have flood insurance or not enough to help them repair and rebuild. To address the risk of areas in and around Wilmington flooding, consider the following topics to help your client get the best policy for their property.

1. Coastal Living

Shoreline property comes with increased exposure to hurricanes, storms and rising sea levels. For a realistic picture of your client’s needs, assess the flood risk of their particular state and property address. Understanding what zone your client is in can determine what policy they require.

2. Define Flood Damage

Most insurance policies cover water damage from a broken pipe or severed irrigation line. Flood damage is the result of natural phenomena such as hurricanes, rain and overflowing bodies of water. Helping clients understand the difference illuminates the need for additional coverage.

3. Separate Policy

Flood insurance is created and purchased separately from other policies. Though your clients may have thought of protecting their property, they may not have known where to look. Having options readily available for review allows clients to acquire coverage promptly.

The best time to help your client insure against flood damage is long before a threat exists. Taking time to address Wilmington flooding and that of surrounding coastal areas prepares your clients to navigate whatever waters come their way successfully.