insurance digital marketing

Move Beyond Digital Marketing Basics

If your insurance digital marketing strategy includes search engine optimization and device-compatible web design, then you’ve taken a step in the right direction. Nevertheless, there are still more digital marketing strategies you can use to reach an even wider audience of potential customers.

Email Lists

Studies have shown that a majority of customers would rather communicate through email with the companies they do business with, preferring it to phone calls, texts, and social media. You can gain email subscriptions with a signup form on your website. It helps to offer subscribers something desirable in return for their email addresses, such as special deals or access to exclusive content. Once you’ve built up an email list, you can segment your list into groups based on traits that the subscribers have in common, such as city of residence, marital status, etc., to provide personalized information that is relevant to their lives.

Social Media Advertising

With 56 percent of Americans having at least one social media profile, paid advertising on these platforms is a proven marketing tool that can be a powerful lead generator if it is used correctly. You must target your audience directly and capture their attention so that they will be compelled not only to learn more but to share the information with others in their social network.

Effective web design and search engine optimization are important, but there is still more you can do to reach your customers online. Your insurance digital marketing campaign should include methods to take your message directly to your potential customers.