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Marijuana for Kids?

The country’s attitude on marijuana is changing, but it’s a controversial topic: Should medicinal marijuana be given to kids? There are some who insist that it’s harmful and dangerous for young brains, but there are also others who claim that it’s the only kind of medicine that works for their child. What do you think?


Marijuana is being proven time and time again that it is a valuable asset in the medical community, often a replacement for prescribed pharmaceutical drugs. Dispensaries like King Harvest are popping up all over the country. Parents and medical professionals have seen marijuana help children with issues such as:

Epilepsy and seizures

Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome

Behavioral problems

Chronic illnesses like cancer, leukemia and AIDS


Childhood is a time of rapid development in the human brain. Critics say that giving marijuana to kids, even for medicinal use, will inhibit brain development and cause unwanted side effects. Some of these risks include:

Complications of preexisting anxiety disorders

Respiratory and breathing problems later on in life

Increased heart rate

Altered development of the brain

No matter where you fall in the pro/con spectrum, it’s worth doing your research. Is medical marijuana for children any worse than the prescriptions that they are given? Be informed and understand the benefits as well as the risks.