Liability Insurance

Liability Insurance for a Nonprofit Organization with Volunteers

In order to protect its operations, nonprofits need complete general liability insurance in addition to directors and officers insurance. To the extent that your nonprofit organization relies on the efforts and contributions of volunteers, you need to consider obtaining additional policy inclusions in your general liability binder.

Evaluate How Your Existing Policies Apply to Volunteers

Nonprofit liability coverage needs to encompass the complete scope of a volunteers’ participation in their contribution to advancing the organization’s missions. According to, it’s important for organizations’ operations to be fully protected by a policy that comprehensively addresses the unique situational needs of a mission-driven organization’s volunteer workforce.

Consider the Benefit of a Medical Reimbursement Policy

Employers typically aren’t required by state law to provide medical insurance benefits to its volunteers. However, many organizations elect to maintain a medical reimbursement policy for volunteers’ medical expenses related to an injury sustained while performing their volunteer duties.

Determine if You Need Volunteer Dishonesty Coverage

If your volunteer force works with your nonprofit organization’s financial information or deals directly with a vulnerable service population, it may be advisable to maintain a volunteer dishonestly policy. This safeguard is intended to remedy instances in which a volunteer exploits his or her position to commit a dishonest or criminal act such as fraud or theft.