convenience stores

Liability Coverage For Convenience Stores

A convenience store can be a great business opportunity, but it also comes with certain inherent risks. To protect yourself, you need a liability policy that is designed to protect you.


Most convenience stores sell more than bottled drinks and gas. They also offer prepared foods. Food safety measures are important because they keep customers safe and protect you from lawsuits. In addition to solid protocol and training, it’s also smart to have a c-store insurance program to reduce liability. If someone does get sick and sue, this coverage may pay legal fees and any settlements he or she is offered.


You can have every safety practice in place, and someone can still get injured on your property. There are several aspects common to convenience stores that could contribute to physical injury:

  • Slippery floors
  • Hot surfaces
  • Tight spaces

Even if visitors are injured because of their own negligence, they may still press charges against the store. For example, falling over a clearly marked display can still hurt someone even if the display falls within fire codes and municipal standards. If this happens, you will be glad you have liability insurance to cover the accident.

Owning a convenience store can help you meet the needs of your neighborhood. Having the right insurance coverage protects you while you do so.