pet liability insurance for renters

Insurance for Pets

Finding a new home to rent can be a challenge, but even more so when you have a four-legged family member that you want to take with you. During the hunt for the perfect place, you may find that some may require that pets be covered in case of a mishap, especially if your furry friend is a dog. With pet liability insurance for renters, you can put your mind at ease and prepare for the worst-case scenarios and expand your options for a home that will be the right fit for your needs.

Who Needs Pet Liability Insurance?

When shopping around for pet liability insurance, it is important to find a plan that covers all the bases. You may be even more encouraged to seek this type of coverage under the following circumstances:

  • Your landlord requires pet liability insurance for all dogs
  • Your dog is considered a “high-risk” breed
  • You would like to protect yourself in case of a dog bite

Getting Started

Finding an agency that specializes in pet liability insurance for renters can put you on the right track to protecting yourself and your pet, especially against unforeseen dog bites. While you may be purchasing this plan as a requirement for rental, it can also be worth getting even just for the extra peace of mind.