Adult Nightclubs

Insurance for Adult Nightclubs

Hospitality insurance is a unique section of the industry, because while many companies attempt to cover the full range of businesses in the field, many overlook specialty niches, especially when it comes to adult entertainment. Finding the right insurer is about more than just finding someone who will write a policy for adult night club insurance coverage, though. To really get the most out of your policy, you want to work with the experts who understand the full range of risks involved in the industry and know how to write policy documents that fully protect you, without over insurance or gaps.

Policies To Protect Staff and Performers

Like many entertainment industry businesses, adult night clubs typically work with a variety of independent contractors who perform on-site on a schedule. Just like performers in other niches, they need to be protected while working on site at your establishments, as do your regular staff. The coverage requirements and risks for each of those roles is different, though, so coverage that extends to independent contractors on site as its own group apart from your public liability coverage is essential, as is a public liability policy that reflects the high traffic environment typically found in nightclubs of all kinds. When you work with an insurer that has industry experience, that’s the kind of guidance you receive.