auto liability insurance broker

Insurance Coverage for Cases of Automobile Accidents

Whether or not your business is built on transportation or not, it’s likely you have to make use of vehicles in one way or another. Due to this, searching for an auto liability insurance broker for coverage on your vehicles is a crucial part of many businesses when building an insurance portfolio. Once a broker has been found, though, there can be a variety of options available. Working with the insurance company to get the right policies is vital to the perfect program, so keep in mind these different types of coverage.

Vehicle Coverage: Commercial and Non-Owned

Depending on the auto liability insurance broker, you will likely find that you can cover vehicles that your business owns commercially or private vehicles that are either hired or personal. While it’s typically clear to cover your commercial vehicles, as they are under your company’s ownership, if an employee does business work in their own car, then you would need specific insurance in order for it to be covered in an accident.

Liabilities: Injury and Property

Often times, there are policies that cover only one or the other, so it’s likely you’ll want to find both types. In many cases of car accidents, there is some type of property damage, either to the car, belongings inside or surrounding environment. In more serious accidents, though, bodily injuries can happen, creating a separate liability to be covered by the auto liability insurance broker.