How to Spot a Quality Insurance Agency for Water Clients

How to Spot a Quality Insurance Agency for Water Clients

Water and wastewater facilities face unique risk managements challenges compared to other industries. Standard insurance agencies do not provide the level of protection necessary to face the risks flooding, mold, and corrosives pose. Reliable water insurance agencies will have lots of experience working with a wide variety of clients within the water industry, from industrial and commercial water treatment firms, to distributors and blenders of water treatment chemicals, to water testing laboratories. Through each of these experiences, Watercolor Management has gained the expertise necessary to assess the risk profile of each new client it works with and specially tailor its solutions accordingly.

Special COVERAGE for Special Water-Based Liabilities

Liability and Property insurance solutions should be built to protect your assets and defend against legal claims. In addition to the basics covering general and property liabilities among other things, a top-notch plan should include coverage for mold, Legionella and other bacteria, corrosives and other contaminants. Specific protections should include:

  • Products Liability (including mold and bacteria)
  • Completed Operations Liability (including mold and bacteria)
  • Pollution Liability (including HAZMAT onsite and during transportation)
  • Boiler and Machinery Insurance

WaterColor Management offers solutions built from years of experience working in the water industry. Insure your water facilities sooner and feel the relief that comes with knowing your assets are well-protected.