How To Relieve Anxiety in Schools

It’s easy, and even natural, for students to feel anxious at school. There are many pressures that students struggle to shoulder as they navigate their education. Relieving anxiety in schools should be a top priority to improve student health and education.

Build In Time for Relaxation

As it currently stands, most schools have minimal downtime built into their schedule. Schedules are jam-packed with almost no breathing space for students, especially at older ages. This is understandable: schools have a lot of content they need to cover in a short amount of time. However, this means students are rushed from one class to another without time to digest the day’s events, increasing pressure on the students.

One way to combat this would be to build in time for students to relax. Like younger children have recess, older students should have time for mindfulness, to unwind, or to enjoy time with friends without the pressure of studies.

Provide Proper Support

Teachers have a monumental amount of tasks placed upon them every day. While they play a significant role in relieving student anxiety, they shouldn’t be required to be professionally trained mental health professionals. Budgets should allow schools to hire these professionals to provide the kind of support students need.

Anxiety is a real issue facing schools. It’s time to adjust best practices to face it head-on.