Welcome to ssarp.org – a new domain for SSA retirees and employees who worked for SSA, but retired from other agencies. Current employees are also invited to visit often and to join the communication lists. The site was begun by retirees with the support of SSA employees, but it is not an official SSA site. It includes informational pages shown in the left border and email communication lists for those who subscribe. The ssarp.org administrator is Stanley LeBlanc, Dallas Region, who retired June 3, 2003.

See communication lists instructions for procedures to subscribe and send messages to those who have subscribed to one or more lists.

A secure site which requires a user name and password to enter has been established. Once one enters the site, it can be navigated like this open site until one exits. The pages in the protected site can be added to favorites, but one will need to enter the user name and password upon re-entry. The lockprotected file symbol symbol indicates a file is in the secure site. The user name and password will be provided to the mailing lists and are also available by sending an email to pw @ ssarp.org. Please include your region in the subject line or body.

To send information to post on the website, use the email address that is on each page.

SPECIAL ALERT! Troy Darren Grumbine, son of Kay [former SSA and HCFA/CMS employee] and Grant Grumbine, has been missing since February 2, 2004. His car with the motor still running was found near Deming, New Mexico, but the State Trooper couldn’t locate Troy. The Missing Person Poster prepared by the Irving Police Department contains a photo and contact information.