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Finding the Best Valet Service

Finding the Best Valet Service

When you’re out and about, especially in an area with limited options, using a valet service to park your car can be a very attractive option. For a fee, it can be convenient to be able to drive up to the entrance of an establishment without having to spend valuable time finding a space. When you are ready to leave your vehicle is then typically returned to you without incident. Although this type of service is usually offered with a use-at-your-own-risk disclaimer that doesn’t mean that you can’t find one that is more reliable than the rest. By understanding the signs of a good valet, for example, those that carry valet insurance, you can feel better about leaving your car temporarily under somebody else’s watch while you go about your business.


While all valet services work similarly, there are some differences that set high-quality services apart from those in need of improvement. Some characteristics to look for include:

Drivers who always behave professionally

drivers who demonstrate the ability to drive a variety of vehicles

An effective and secure system for storing keys

Lots that are kept clean and organized

Business credentials displayed and easily visible to customers

Valet insurance and other protections are used to cover employees, customers and vehicles When in doubt about using a valet service, looking for these signs can help you. When you find a service that demonstrates these qualities, your car is likely in good hands.