staff insurance

Explore Your Bundled Coverage Options

Having staff insurance for your employment agency is a good way for you to invest in your business’s future. While insurance coverage is available for your business clients and contract workers, your own staff members are vulnerable to a certain amount of risk as well. This risk includes handling your employee’s health insurance or fiduciary liability insurance as well as potential crime coverage. There are a lot of different kinds of insurance available for your employees, so it might make more sense to look into programs that offer more than one type of insurance, such as general liability.

General liability covers both property and personal damages, whether physical or in the form of slander. In the case of your staffing agency, general liability covers both the agency’s employees to the workers contracted through your agency. Another type of insurance program is umbrella liability insurance. Umbrella liability includes policies that pertain to general liability, professional liability, employers liability and commercial automobile liability. This program usually accounts for higher levels of liability in comparison to general liability programs. The office package is a program that combines general and property liability at a lower cost and is made accessible to many smaller employment agencies.

Not only are packages often more cost-efficient, but they have convenient bundles of staff insurance that may be more expensive to get separately.