VIS Volunteers

Effective Ways to Discourage Volunteer Dishonesty

Running a non-profit takes a lot of passion, skill, and organization. You need volunteers to run the programs and keep things running. Protecting against volunteer dishonesty starts right from the beginning.

Careful Screening

The experts at VIS Volunteers recommend reviewing a volunteer’s work history and background check before hiring for the position. Look at their credit references and cross-train employees to allow multiple people to understand each position. When screening a candidate, don’t discount any gut reactions.

Risk Management

Every business needs an effective risk management strategy and volunteer organizations are no exception. Put into place policies that address volunteer dishonesty including various types of fraud. Insurance is a must to protect against various risks. Assess how the organization handles money. Institute checks and balances to limit the opportunity for theft.

Volunteer Insurance

As part of your risk management plan, you should have insurance in place specifically for volunteers. This can help limit your liability and help you should the organization be sued for something the volunteer did.

Unfortunately, protecting against volunteer dishonesty is a daily endeavor. They are an essential component of operating the non-profit. Take these steps to keep the volunteers honest and your reputation intact. Then you can spend more time focusing on what matters most to your organization.