commercial vehicle breakdown insurance

Don’t Get Stranded, Get Roadside Coverage

When a passenger vehicle breaks down on the road, it is a frustrating situation that usually can be resolved fairly quickly. When a commercial truck breaks down, things get a bit more complicated. Trucking companies and professional drivers should consider obtaining commercial vehicle breakdown insurance for some added peace of mind and less costly results.

A truck that isn’t moving is expensive. Getting the truck towed or off the highway only adds to the stress. This add-on insurance, which is relatively inexpensive, can help protect truckers and get your precious cargo back on the move. Commercial vehicle breakdown insurance usually offers:

  • Roadside assistance for all of your fleet
  • Up to 50 miles of towing per incident
  • Help with flat tires, tire replacement and jump starting
  • Assistance by a mobile mechanic
  • Extrication and winching services
  • Delivery of fluid, fuel, oil and water
  • Key replacement or lockout services

Depending on the type of breakdown, a trucker may be stopped for a while. Additional benefits of this insurance can help in the interim. There also are a few perks that can benefit drivers off the road. These include:

  • Discounts on travel and hotels
  • Concierge assistance with food, lodging and gas stations
  • Savings on prescriptions, car rentals and amusement parks
  • Truck rentals
  • Navigation and routing assistance

Regardless of how many trucks are in your fleet or if you are a solo professional driver, commercial vehicle breakdown insurance can be another layer of protection. Talk to an insurance expert to discover all the benefits available.