gig insurance

Do You Have a Responsibility to Your Contracted Employees?

In a brick and mortar business environment, state laws govern the protection and assurances for employees who may become injured while on the job. There are classifications of employees, yet policies are structured to address positions and protections.

In the ever-changing world of liability, those working for on-demand platforms or companies based entirely online are left unprotected. For companies relying on this contracted labor, gig insurance may offer assistance as you grapple with your responsibility to the employees.

What Liabilities Exist

Many feel that independent contractors assume the risks and liabilities of the employment arrangement willingly and therefore are not included in workers’ compensation coverage. However, companies continue to blur the lines between an employee position or contract labor positions or “gigs.” This isn’t just for those working remotely in tech or administrative positions at home; it includes services such as Uber or Lyft. In the event of an accident or injury while performing work-related tasks, companies could be taken to court without a cap on how much could be recovered.

In these situations, having gig insurance can be the answer. It could be an occupation accident insurance policy, which offers medical expense coverage, accidental death, disability and even death. It isn’t just about protecting your employees, it’s about protecting your business.