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Cyber Attacks Can Do Lasting Damage To Businesses

Insurance industry specialists report a 30% rise in cyber-attacks between 2016 and 2018. As more malware and ransomware is distributed, fueled by more educated cyber-criminals, the attack rate is expected to rise. Large and small companies have become victims of data breaches as the criminals sneak past firewalls and network security to access your client’s personal and private data. When this occurs, you may find yourself looking to dependent business interruption cyber insurance to help you fight back.

Stealing Information Is Big Business

No matter how strong your firewalls are or how aware your security team is, breaches can occur from everywhere.

This can includePrivate information

Social Security Numbers
Credit card numbers
Banking data
Sensitive medical data

The compromised data can then be used by the criminals or sold to companies to be used in blackmail, identity theft, and extortion.

Business Interruption Insurance Can Help

Purchasing a dependent business interruption cyber insurance policy can protect your company after an attack by covering commonly associated costs. This can include system shut-downs, cyber-attacks that disable your system, and malware that destroys your operating system or locks you out of it.

Cyber Peril Is A Growing Problem
Protecting your business against intrusion 100% of the time is nearly impossible. Should a breach occur, protect yourself and your business with business interruption and dependent cyber insurance. Make sure you are shielded against a large data loss.