pop up camper insurance

Coverage for Your Camping Vehicle

Returning to nature to relax and unwind has become a popular new pastime in the US. While roughing it through camping is still exciting, glamping, with all the comforts of home, is the new trend. Regardless of how big or small your glamping rig, insurance is always a priority. You will want to carry pop up camper insurance if you choose to explore the outdoors with a more compact approach.

What Needs to be Covered

Even though small in size, a pop up camper still presents liabilities and risks like other RV’s or automobiles. While its amenities are vastly different from expensive toy haulers or forty-foot motorhomes, there are still possibilities of accidents and damage.

Why It Needs to be Covered

If you have financed the purchase of your pop up, chances are your lender will want insurance coverage. If you purchased it used, you would want to protect your investment from fire or storm damage, vandalism or even theft.

Cost of Coverage

The cost of pop up camper insurance will depend on several factors like it’s size, storage, use and if the policy will be bundled with others taken out through the agency. Your safest bet is to purchase a policy that offers comprehensive coverage, collision and liability.