Comprehensive Insurance for Medical Staffing Firms

When you want to save money on your personal insurance, you look in two directions. First is to specialty insurers who deal with clients in your demographic and insurance types you need. The second is to bundle everything into one comprehensive personal insurance policy to save costs and make umbrella extensions easier. Medical staffing insurance works much the same way, with comprehensive options designed to suit your unique niche.

Liability, Workers’ Compensation & Risk

Comprehensive policies for businesses need to be built carefully. For staffing firms, this means gearing the coverage to both the industries served by your firm and the unique way shared liability tends to work for third-party employers and subcontractors. You need coverage that protects your clients, your workers, and the clients of your clients.

  • Fidelity/Crime bonds
  • General & professional liability
  • Third-party liability extensions as needed
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Excess liability
  • Non-owned and commercial vehicle policies as needed
  • Additional liability extensions and property insurance coverage as needed

Medical staffing insurance can be configured tightly or loosely to streamline costs and coverage provisions for firms that provide very specific and narrowly tailored services as well as those who send out personnel for a variety of roles in different areas of the industry. To learn more about costs and coverage limits, get in touch with a company that specializes in covering businesses like yours, and then ask for a quote.