bar and tavern insurance programs

Complete Insurance Solutions for Your Bar or Tavern

Patrons of bars and taverns are there to relax and have a good time. Unfortunately, a good time can turn sour very quickly when liquor is involved. Bar fights, drunk driving accidents, falls, property damage and a host of other liabilities plaque the drinking industry, which is why bar and tavern insurance programs exist. If you own a drinking establishment and want to protect yourself and your business from a good time gone bad, look into the proper coverage right away.

Unfortunately, even if you are not the direct cause of an accident or injury, your bar may be held liable simply for serving the alcohol that caused the accident. Fortunately, with the right insurance agency on your side, you can anticipate common risks and, if not prevent them, at least protect yourself against them. Depending on your location and the type of patrons you attract, your policy may include assault and battery liability protection, property damage coverage, coverage for DJs and other entertainment and more or less as you see fit.

Bar and tavern insurance programs are designed for bar owners who want to prevent being deemed liable for an accident that they did not directly cause. If you want to protect your reputation and your business investment, find a suitable policy for your bar today.