Caitlin Morgan

Common Medicare Coverage’s for Home Health Care

When a loved one needs home health care, there are many questions that arise. One of the most common is: does Medicare cover home health care? There are specific conditions and items that Medicare covers.

Coverage Conditions

The research found on Caitlin Morgan states that Medicare requires patients to meet four specific criteria for coverage. The patient must receive care from a home health care agency that is Medicare-certified, be considered “homebound,” have a home health certification from tehri physician and require “skilled care.” Without meeting these conditions, coverage will not start.

Therapy Services

Once a patient meets the coverage conditions, they can receive therapy services. To help with mobility, a physical therapist may help the patient. Those with trouble with daily activities can benefit from the skilled services of an occupational therapist. Stroke patients may need the services of a speech therapist.

Medical Supplies

Some medical supplies may be covered by Medicare for use in home health care. In addition, with a 20% coinsurance, patients can receive durable medical equipment.

The answer to does Medicare cover home health care is it depends. Contact the patient’s medical professional to see if the patient meets the criteria outlined above. The patient may still benefit from home health care. Loved ones may simply have to look for other payment options beyond Medicare.