Snow Damage

Can You File a Claim for Snow Damage?

Winter has arrived in the northern states, and that means snowstorms are on the way. It’s important to understand the types of snow damage your insurance policy covers. While no two policies are exactly alike, there are certain conditions covered under the typical homeowner’s insurance policy.

What Insurance Covers

Most policies accept snow damage insurance claims if the damage was directly caused by a winter storm. Events include the following scenarios:

  • Heavy snow causing your roof to collapse
  • Strong winds during a storm that break windows or ruin siding
  • Trees falling on your home, damaging the roof or other structures
  • Frozen pipes that burst and cause a serious water event, provided the pipes weren’t neglected beforehand

Regarding water damage, however, it is critical to understand that most flooding won’t be covered under your basic insurance policy. Talk with your agent about a separate flood insurance policy if you have concerns.

What Won’t Be Covered

In addition to flooding, the typical homeowner’s policy won’t cover neglect of upkeep, including:

  • Frozen pipes that burst because they aren’t in good repair
  • Fallen trees that haven’t been trimmed or are decaying
  • Melting snow that leaks from a neglected roof

If you are able to show evidence that you did what you could to protect your property, your insurance claim has a much higher chance of being accepted.