Occupational Accident Insurance

Accident Preparation: Do Independent Truckers Need Insurance Coverage?

In the trucking industry, you are already aware of the dangers that you face behind the wheel. You cannot control the weather or the other drivers and there are sometimes circumstances that you can’t avoid on the road. What happens if you’re in an accident? As with any dangerous occupation, it is crucial for drivers to have special protections in place.

Why Truckers Need Occupational Accident Insurance

Since independent contractors do not receive workers’ compensation, occupational accident insurance helps fill in the gap for independent contractor truckers. The experts at www.truckinsure.com explain how a trucker’s company is not usually liable for any injuries that he or she receives on the job if he or she is not a technical employee. The danger of trucking doesn’t change between employees and independent contractors and neither does the cost of medical bills.

Driving a big rig as an independent contractor gives you a lot of freedom. With freedom, however, you need to think about your protection too. Insurance coverage is necessary for all truckers. The difference between independent contractors and those who work for a company is that independent truckers do not receive compensation for injuries, despite how badly they may need it. This is why you cannot go without occupational accident insurance.