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3 Types of Insurance Most People Don’t Realize They Need

Insurance is a necessary part of life to provide protection to assets. Many people get insurance for their car or have their home insured in case of an accident, but that doesn’t mean they’re fully protected. Insurance companies in Hartford CT offer protection for everything in life.

1. Personal Insurance

Personal insurance includes auto, home, and renters, which most people know (and have). But there’s also umbrella insurance, boat insurance, and even protection against flooding. It’s important to consider personal needs and risks in a specific area. Most people wouldn’t ever consider volcano insurance, but if they lived in Hawaii, they’d feel differently.

2. High Net-Worth Insurance

High net-worth insurance doesn’t apply to everyone, but it’s helpful for certain items or if a person owns a high-value collection. This insurance can cover everything from classic cars to jewelry. Folks who have yachts will want to go a step above boats, with coverage created just for these types of boats.

3. Group Health Insurance

The ACA has changed the way folks get healthcare in the United States. Since everyone is entitled to healthcare, it’s necessary and helpful to have. But there’s many options to choose from. Finding an insurance company that provides group health insurance makes the search easier.

Selecting the right insurance can prove to be a challenge. Insurance companies in Hartford CT can ensure the right coverage all under one roof, saving time and money while on the hunt for the right protection.