get Preferred Insurance for transportation

3 Reasons to Choose Preferred Insurance

When it comes to protecting your trucking business, you may wonder why it’s important to get Preferred Insurance for transportation. With coverage specific to transportation and cargo, comprehensive partnerships and a broad suite of insurance products, Preferred Insurance can provide peace of mind so you can focus on the road and what your truck is hauling.

1. Specialized Coverage

With trucking as one of the biggest businesses in Texas, it should be no surprise that Preferred Insurance specializes in transportation and cargo. Focusing on short- and long-haul truckers means the coverage offered can be as tailored as possible for the customer. Preferred insures household good movers, sand and gravel trucks and their operators, tow truck operators.

2. Comprehensive Partnerships

When you get Preferred Insurance for transportation, you can have a complete transportation insurance solution. This comprehensive program is possible because Preferred works with several respected insurance companies to create a package that should provide best-in-class options.

3. Extensive Portfolio

The specialized transportation coverage and comprehensive partnerships are aided by an extensive portfolio of insurance product options. There are several additional products that can be considered to create a comprehensive insurance package such as non-trucking liability and equipment breakdown.

When you get Preferred Insurance for transportation, you can get access to professional, dedicated staff who help combine products and strategist to safeguard your operation and address any increase in risk.